Witchy Vibes - Gift Box
Witchy Vibes - Gift Box

Witchy Vibes - Gift Box

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Gift Box Contains:

1: Animal Oracle Deck

- The hope is that by using these oracle cards, you will create a sacred space in your life for reflection and gain an alternative perspective on your life's journey through the wisdom of our Animal Guides.
- Each Oracle Card has an affirmation that you can come back to throughout the day to help ground you and focus your intention.
- 44 vibrant, beautifully illustrated (from Ontario) cards, on high quality card stock
- A 108 page guidebook
- A hard cover box that houses your oracle deck and guidebook.

2: SGaahlaan Soap

- This Rustic, yet luxurious bar is delicately scented with the oils of cedar and west coast rugged trees and citrus. Bright, invigorating, and moisturizing with farm tallows and fats which make for a longer lasting and harder bar.
- Like Tree's these hand made soaps may vary in size and colour.
- Ingredients: Tallow, Coconut oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Bicarbonate, & Cedar leaves.
- Essential Oils: Cedar, Fir, Spruce, & Litsea Cubeba.

3: Hekate Incense

- Apotropaic magick is intended to ward off and protect from harm or evil. Apotropaia is one of the many epitaphs of Hekate as shield from harm.  This incense: a powerful blend of herbs, resins, oils, roots and liquor, has been crafted in Her name, as a potent tool of protection for the user. 
- This loose incense is to be BURNT ON CHARCOAL and comes with an invocation that was channeled during the making of this offering, printed directly on the bottle for you to use if you feel called to do so.  
- 2oz Hexgon glass bottle with screw on cap.
- This incense blend is not intended for those who are pregnant or nursing.


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