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Amethyst Dark | TUMBLED - SM
Amethyst Dark | TUMBLED - SM

Amethyst Dark | TUMBLED - SM

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Discover the potential of dark amethyst as a companion on your journey to well-being. Said to have a calming presence, this stone may lend a helping hand in fostering a serene atmosphere. Seek solace in its gentle energy, which some believe could assist in soothing irritability and balancing mood swings.

Many hold that dark amethyst's cleansing properties might aid in opening intuition and enhancing the connection to the world around us. Embrace its enigmatic aura as a possible way to create a tranquil ambiance that resonates with your space.

While stories circulate about its potential benefits, remember that each journey is unique. This stone's soothing attributes have piqued the curiosity of those seeking harmony, but its effects may vary. Dive into the mystery of dark amethyst and explore its captivating allure for yourself.

Approx 15-20 mm
Tumbled and polished


Ethically Sourced: It was very important in the crystal and gemstone sourcing that it was purchased only from mining suppliers that had the correct certificates that established their operations as safe and environmentally sound. My wholesaler is adamant on ensuring the crystals are fair-trade, where income is being used to support a diverse group of small manufactures and families. Most of the semi-precious stones and crystals come from family owned mines that are passed down from generations (like a family farm here in Canada). 

I understand it can be difficult to feel a stone's energy when shopping online. When selecting stones for your order, I personally select the stones with intention for you based on the stock available.

There can be variance in the stone's colouring and shape, as is the world of stone, gems and crystals are non-refundable. No two pieces are alike. Each one will slightly vary in size, shape and colour.

Disclaimer: While using your gems/crystals in practice, please note that Hermit's Path does not guarantee any stone to have any physical or mental health impact. I do not make any claims that it will help. Remember, this is a personal practice... connecting with the energy is not a substitute for traditional medicine where it may be needed. :)