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Anti-Anxiety | Spell Jar
Anti-Anxiety | Spell Jar

Anti-Anxiety | Spell Jar

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A Hermit's Path Original!

Embark on a journey of tranquility and inner peace with our 'Anti-Anxiety Spell Jar', meticulously crafted to embrace you in a cocoon of serenity and calm. This enchanting creation is a testament to the harmonizing energies carefully selected to alleviate anxiety, fostering a sense of balance and tranquility within your soul. Remember, the potency of this spell resides in your energy and intention, so take a moment for cleansing and focus to unveil its boundless serenity.

Harnessing Soothing Energies: Nestled within this 30ml glass jar, purified under the gentle full moon, resides a fusion of elements chosen for their calming properties. Whether adorning your bedside or gracing your meditation space, this spell jar serves as a beacon of peace in the midst of life's storms.

An Affirmation of Calmness: Imprinted with intention, this jar carries a reassuring affirmation that echoes your need for tranquility. "I am calm. I am centered. I am free from anxiety." Let these words echo your inner calm and resilience.

Within This Serene Jar:

  • Pink Himalayan Salt: Infused with protective and purifying energies, this salt creates a sanctuary of purity around you, shielding you from negative influences and fostering calmness.
  • Amethyst: A crown chakra gem, amethyst enhances spiritual awareness, calming the mind and soothing emotional turmoil. It's your dream stone, imbuing your aura with wisdom and tranquility.
  • Coffee Beans: These magical beans bring motivation, infusing you with the drive to face challenges while maintaining inner peace, making your spirit resilient and your mind focused.
  • Lavender: Known for its peaceful properties, lavender provides a gentle calmness, reducing stress and anxiety, ensuring tranquility within and around you.
  • Blue Sage: Infusing the jar with good vibes, blue sage purifies and cleanses, creating an environment of positivity and peace.
  • Tea-Tree Oil: With a few drops of this oil, your mind clears, bringing mental clarity and focus. It's the key to maintaining a serene and undisturbed mindset.

Sealed with a Blue Beeswax Candle: The jar is tenderly sealed with a blue beeswax candle, radiating energies of forgiveness, protection, and healing. Its power resonates with the throat chakra, ensuring your words and thoughts are filled with tranquility, and granting you a peaceful night's sleep.

This spell jar is your sanctuary, your retreat from the chaos of the world. Before using, cleanse it under your intention, focus your energy, and let it envelop you in serenity. Embrace the calm within and navigate life's journey with tranquility, knowing you are protected by the gentle forces of peace and healing. 


A little disclaimer: While purchasing this, they are considered "for entertainment purposes". I do not make claims that it will do anything for you. Any intentions created are not solved overnight, you do need to put the work in. For decorative uses, for your private practices. I do not accept returns or exchanges on these one of a kind pieces. Please keep at room temperature, or above melting temperatures as the wax can melt under high heat.

Each piece is different, but measured and equal in materials. Love and positive intention are put into each jar.