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Cleansing Bundle
Cleansing Bundle
Cleansing Bundle

Cleansing Bundle

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A harmonious blend of natural elements designed to cleanse and purify your space. Elevate your rituals and create a serene atmosphere with this thoughtfully curated bundle!

What's included:

- Blue + White Sage: Burn sage to purify and cleanse our space, releasing negative energy and promoting clarity and healing. Locally grown in BC (Standing Spruce)
- Palo Santo: A sweet, uplifting aroma, perfect for enhancing or inviting positive energy in your surroundings.
- Selenite: Known for its ability to clear negative spaces, selenite acts like a purifying light, creating a pristine environment. Use this crystal to enhance mental clarity, promote spiritual growth and establish a connection with higher realms.
- Locally sourced Lavender, and bunnytail for decoration! 
- A card to note all of this, for gifting purposes!