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Charcoal Tablets
Charcoal Tablets
Charcoal Tablets

Charcoal Tablets

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Charcoal tablets/Resin pucks, designed for burning your loose incense! These charcoal discs have zero odors, and are high quality - allowing your herbs to burn properly with no chemicals.

How to Use: Super easy to start up, if you're new to charcoal tablets or loose incense burning, hold up the charcoal using tongs (not fingers), and light with a match or lighter. You'll want to see it spark up and it to start to smoke (it'll smell a bit like charcoal for a moment) and set it onto your burner plate/bowl etc. 

Charcoal can burn really hot, so please take extra care! From there, place the coal in at least 2" of gravel, sand or pink salt. If you are using a metal mesh burner, or ceramic then you do not need sand.

Give it a moment or two to let it smoke up and turn gray so it's evenly heated. Then, add a good pinch of your resin (loose incense) on top, and watch it go! It's easy to maintain and you can add more resin as you feel inclined.

Tips: You can cut your tablet into half or quarters if you want a shorter burn.
If you're burning Athonite style, try to avoid cheaply made products, you'll be able to tell if they are burning improperly, too quickly or unevenly... they may even start to bubble black when it's burned through. it'll smoother out your charcoal, and put chemicals into the air.

- 33mm, designed for most ideal incense burners
- Lasts to about 40-45 minutes with a constant burn