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Element Candle | Earth
Element Candle | Earth
Element Candle | Earth

Element Candle | Earth

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Earth represents security through grounding, strength, and growth.
A deep, grounding, earthy blend. Sought after for smelling like petrichor, the smell of the Earth after it rains.

- 4 oz | 120 ml | 25 hrs
- Handcrafted in Canada using 100% botanical ingredients in small batches with high-quality ingredients.
- Formulated with pure essential oils, natural isolates, crystals, herbs and gentle phthalate free fragrances.
- Luxurious glass packaging adorned with metallic gold accents
- North American grown soy wax, essential oils of: cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver and tourmaline gemstone with a cotton wick.

Crystal Lore: Tourmaline is highly protective and aids with diminishing fear. It clears, balances, and stimulates all of the chakras. It can be used as a tool to connect with one’s inner and higher self. Black tourmaline can assist in releasing tension and blocks. It can promote self-understanding, self-compassion, and self-confidence. It is believed to attract compassion, tolerance, inspiration, and prosperity.