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Earth Witch | Soap
Earth Witch | Soap
Earth Witch | Soap

Earth Witch | Soap

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Purely handcrafted and balanced this creamy, earthy, and grounding soap is hard with rich lather. Dressed with hand foraged ingredients chosen for the beauty of the forest with blue lichen, the forest healer and oak mosses of the coast. If I could find a soap that described the tranquility of foraging in the forest this would be the one. With it's subtle fragrance of earthy moss, raw soil, and the forest roots found in the notes of vetiver, warm woods and blooming flowers of honeysuckles, and jasmine.

This nourishing yet detoxifying soap rich with clays and arrowroot will polish your skin yet gentle and soothing enough for eczema, and reactive skin types. Mixes beautifully with the fragrance of your own body, let this beautiful self care product take you away.
Ingredients: Tallow, Coconut Oil, Distilled moon water and Lye. Kaolin clay, Jasmin, honeysuckle, benzoin and Vetiver.
- Gentle enough for your face , body, and hair
- Made with moon and storm water
- Blessed according to the moon phases