Ethereal Rose Smudge Stick
Ethereal Rose Smudge Stick

Ethereal Rose Smudge Stick

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- Rose Petals, Lavender, Rosemary & Sage, hand-grown, ethically harvested

- Uniquely made, they average around 5", but some may be a bit thicker/thinner and made up in length for it to ensure you are receiving full value from your smudge.

- Used for deep cleansings for your space, clearing negative energies and germs... while bringing prosperity, wealth, healing and "coolness of head" to your space. The Rose and Lavender add anti-anxiety and self-love properties.

- Herbaceous, and sweet, this is perfect for your ritual kit and cleansing needs.

- Sold as 1 sage smudge. May be different than pictured here, as they are uniquely wrapped.

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