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Intention Candles
Intention Candles
Intention Candles
Intention Candles
Intention Candles

Intention Candles

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- Each beeswax candle burns for 20 minutes, providing you a quiet and natural timer for rituals, tasks or routines. This is ideal for forming new habits, making regular tasks special and/or finding time in the every day for yourself.
- Some examples for use: tarot reading, journaling, meditating, morning routines, reading, creative work, evening routines, task management, yoga... and more!
- Each kit includes 10 candles, a salt pot to safely burn your candles in, and 5 incense cones you can use to further elevate your moment.
- The salt crystal blend keeps the candle secure and allows it to burn right down to the end. This carefully mixed blends of salts is made up of coarse sea salt, Himalayan salt (which increases feelings of peace and cleanses the space), black sand, and crushed bay leaves (which when burned life you intentions into the world and calm your mind). lift your intentions into the world and calm your mind.
- Colour meanings:

  • Gold: Focus and Learning
  • Blue: Truth, Calm and Creativity
  • Purple: Spirituality and Meditation
  • White: Healing and New Beginning
  • Pink: Self love and Happiness
  • Green: Growth, Fortune and Luck

At this time we have the variety, and all white, and all gold kits.
Other full colour sets, replacement bags of salt pot mix, and candles will be coming soon!