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Manifest | Incense
Manifest | Incense

Manifest | Incense

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Potent herbal spirits of manifestation and heart opening come together in this beautifully warm ritual incense.  When we set intentions from a pure and open heart, we begin to create last change in our lives.

Use by burning on a charcoal disk under the new moon while setting intentions for the coming lunar cycles.  It is powerful on its own, or add to it your own herbs that pertain specifically to your intentions.

Contains: Dittany of Crete, Rose, Horehound, Motherwort, Copal Resin, Amber, Magick

This loose incense is to be BURNT ON CHARCOAL and comes with an invocation that was channeled during the making of this offering, printed directly on the bottle for you to use if you feel called to do so.  

2oz Hexgon glass bottle with screw on cap.

Disclaimer: While using your incense in practice, please note that Hermit's Path does not guarantee that it will have any physical or mental health impact. I do not make any claims that it will help. Remember, this is a personal practice... connecting with the energy or use of the incense is not a substitute for traditional medicine where it may be needed. :)