Moon Ritual Candles
Moon Ritual Candles

Moon Ritual Candles

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- The Moon and Bay Leaf Ritual Candles are perfect for this coming cycle, to complete your manifestations and meditations (or as rustic decor)! 
- Use this candle outdoors for your work, or on a tested fireproof surface, this candle burns like a torch.
- The magic rich botanicals are flammable, but work like a 2/1 smudge, made to work fast and hasten any magic. These are ideal for outside work where you don't want or need to linger in the moonlight for long. Each candle comes with a bay leaf for writing your simple goals and burning to its entirety with your ritual candle. 
- Most effective on Wednesday's, Thursday's, and the full moons... and if you wish, the new moon for banishing negativity.
- Comes as a set of 2 candles with 1 bay leaf.