Protection | Ritual Candle
Protection | Ritual Candle

Protection | Ritual Candle

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- Protect yourself by banishing negative energies and setting positive intentions. 

- Size roughly 1"w x 9" tall, each candle is uniquely made, sizing will vary slightly.

- Burn time is roughly 45 min. to allow for longer intentions and ritual meditations.

- Wicks are 100% organic hemp dipped in beeswax.

- Wax is sourced from a local apiary and organic wholesaler. Essential oils are blended from herbs from her own garden.

- How to use your ritual candle: They are designed for setting intention. Charging your candles will help (let them sit by new moon light overnight), but not necessary. Meditate or set intentions when lighting the candles, and let burn out completely, or make sure to properly snuff the candle, not blow it out (otherwise you're blowing away the intention).

*Please note for transparency: This maker is located in Los Angeles. While Hermit's Path strives to focus on Canadian makers, we do like to support makers who are aligned ethically!