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Protection | Spell Jar
Protection | Spell Jar

Protection | Spell Jar

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A Hermit's Path Original! 

Introducing our enchanting 'Protection Spell Jar', a masterpiece of mystical craftsmanship and intent. This magical vessel is meticulously created to envelop you in a shield of powerful energies and ward off negativity, designed to empower your space and your spirit. Please remember, the spell's strength lies in your energy and intention, necessitating proper cleansing and focus to unlock its boundless potential.

Harnessing Protective Energies: Encased within this 30ml glass jar, cleansed under the watchful gaze of the Full Moon, lies a blend of potent elements, each chosen for their specific protective properties. Whether adorning your sacred space or accompanying you on your travels, this spell jar stands guard against all that seeks to harm your peace.

An Affirmation of Empowerment: Imbued with intention, this jar carries an empowering affirmation that resonates with your need for protection. "I am safe. I am strong. I am shielded from harm." Let these words echo your inner strength and resilience.

Within This Mystical Jar:

  • White Rice: Symbolizing abundance, this grain attracts prosperity and positivity into your life, ensuring you are always surrounded by blessings.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt: Grounding, purifying, and manifesting energies flow from these crystals, creating a protective barrier around you, allowing only love and positivity to penetrate.
  • Black Obsidian Crystals: These dark gems release disharmony, resentment, fear, and anger, ensuring your aura remains free from negativity and psychic attacks.
  • Peppercorns: Working on the third chakra, these potent seeds banish jealous thoughts, fostering personal power, self-worth, courage, and self-control, forming a robust shield around your being.
  • Lavender: A natural anxiety repellant, lavender promotes peace and harmony, ensuring tranquility within and around you.
  • Blue Sage: Infusing the jar with good vibes, blue sage purifies and cleanses, creating an environment of positivity and protection.

Sealed with our Banishing Candle: The jar is lovingly sealed with our Banishing Candle, a beacon of transformative energy, ensuring all negativity is banished from your space.

This spell jar is your steadfast companion in the journey of protection. Before using, cleanse it under your intention, focus your energy, and let it become a fortress of safety around you. Embrace the power within and step into the world with confidence, knowing you are shielded by the forces of positivity and protection. Your sanctuary of security begins here.


A little disclaimer: While purchasing this, they are considered "for entertainment purposes". I do not make claims that it will do anything for you. Any intentions created are not solved overnight, you do need to put the work in. For decorative uses, for your private practices. I do not accept returns or exchanges on these one of a kind pieces. Please keep at room temperature, or above melting temperatures as the wax can melt under high heat.

Each piece is different, but measured and equal in materials. Love and positive intention are put into each jar.