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Vitality + Health | Spell Jar

Vitality + Health | Spell Jar

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A Hermit's Path Original! 

A blend of nature's finest elements designed to enhance your well-being and invigorate your spirit. This mystical jar is crafted with care to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health, harnessing the power of nature's healing properties. Remember, the true potency of this spell jar lies in your energy and intention, requiring proper cleansing and focus to unlock its full potential.

Energies of Health and Vitality: Encased within this 30ml glass jar, cleansed under the healing light of the Full Moon, is a carefully curated selection of ingredients known for their revitalizing properties. Whether displayed in your sacred space or carried with you, this spell jar is a beacon of health and vitality.

An Affirmation of Wellness: Imbued with intention, this jar carries an affirmation of health and strength. "I am vibrant. I am healthy. I am full of life." Let these words resonate within you, echoing your commitment to well-being.

Within This Mystical Jar:

  • Himalayan Salt: Purifies and cleanses, removing negative energies and fostering a healthy environment.
  • Moss: Represents growth and renewal, encouraging a sense of vitality and rejuvenation.
  • Citrine: A powerful crystal for healing, promoting physical health and emotional balance.
  • Rosemary: Known for its purifying properties, it supports mental clarity and physical healing.
  • Jasmine: Uplifts the spirit, promoting emotional balance and tranquility.
  • Rose Petals: Symbolize love and self-care, enhancing emotional well-being and heart health.
  • Bay Leaf: A powerful herb for protection and healing, amplifying the spell's intent for good health.
  • Sealed with a Light Blue Beeswax Candle: The jar is lovingly sealed with a light blue beeswax candle, radiating soothing energies to promote health and vitality.

This spell jar is your steadfast companion on the journey to health and vitality. Before using, cleanse it with your intention, focus your energy, and let it become a source of healing and renewal. Embrace the power within and step into the world with vitality and strength, knowing you are supported by the forces of nature. Your path to wellness begins here.


A little disclaimer: While purchasing this, they are considered "for entertainment purposes". I do not make claims that it will do anything for you. Any intentions created are not solved overnight, you do need to put the work in. For decorative uses, for your private practices. I do not accept returns or exchanges on these one of a kind pieces. Please keep at room temperature, or above melting temperatures as the wax can melt under high heat.

Each piece is different, but measured and equal in materials. Love and positive intention are put into each jar.

Customer Reviews

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Bryce Makking
Feeling it!!!

I bought this for myself to help me focus my intentions of good health and vibrancy, it’s helped me make space to reflect on the importance of self care and reminds me to take the time I need to be restful and heal from all the strain I constantly seek out. If your like me and need a little reminder to slow down and take care I strongly suggest this spell bottle. Stay magical!