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Where Most Stories Begin...

The Hermit's Path started with Jennifer Rapkins during the peak of COVID-19 in 2020. She was working a front end of a big box retail store, and there were a couple of big things she noticed during this time: First, people's mental health (this should go without saying). Second, that all of the small businesses were struggling or shutting down, while the big stores were thriving. They saw profits and top-line sales that those stores have never seen before. 

While Jennifer is guilty from her @mazon purchasing (we're not perfect), she also strives to support local as much as possible. On top of her own personal spiritual journey, she realized that she needed to do this. 

"We're thankful here on Vancouver Island that people are so good about supporting local. We are all each other's cheerleaders. While not all of my product is from the island (or Canadian), I've hand-picked these companies who have demonstrated to me that they have put their heart in their products and their brand."

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Thinking of Mother Earth

The Hermit's Path aligns with Environmental and sustainable companies and business practices. Our packaging is sourced from eco-friendly businesses that allow the products to be re-used, recycled or composted. We work hard to further align ourselves to work with fair trade companies, where they ethically source their own materials. 

While we certainly try to ensure you are being provided with the least amount of plastics and waste possible, we also want to make sure your package arrives to you safely. Much of the packaging (especially the plastic) is all re-used from other purposes. Hermit's Path strives to align with businesses who believe in reduced plastic waste, though there are some products that are wrapped in plastic.

The Hermit's Path is a labour of love, with its goal to be a cheerleader to all the other small businesses out there. We want to provide luxury Wiccan and Pagan product... you should not feel any guilt about your purchase... anywhere from the product to the shipping is environmental, and that you are contributing towards someone's grocery bill, not their third car.


 "I have spent more than 10 years in sales. I've come to LOVE selling other people's products, because I admire those that can sit long enough to craft such beautiful products. I can't do that, but I sure as heck can sell it."

Jennifer Rapkins has dabbled in many things, and cannot sit still. Spending much of her life in retail, she co-owned an ethically based Interior Design business (2012) in Ottawa until 2020, and has been a professional photographer since 2016. She loves to keep everyday different!! 

In 2018, she had a horrendous hit of depression. She was spiritually disconnected, lost her life passions which also lead to a divorce. Thankfully it didn't last too long when almost over-night, she and her best friend (now husband) packed up all of their belongings and drove across Canada to both have a fresh start. From there it was like everything lifted off her shoulders. Her cards were speaking to her clearly, she was able to properly meditate and connect with nature, and her dreams have only gotten bigger since then.

"I truly think this is what I was meant to be doing. Everything that I've done and learnt up until now has lead me to this moment, and I am so excited about it!"

Always eager to know what sign those she interact with are, she is a Capricorn with her moon in Taurus and Rising in Scorpio.
DM her on Instagram: @the.hermits.path – what’s your sign??

meet the founder

Want to see what else she can help you with? Click below to check out Jennifer's personal website. 


Stay In Touch

Ok, so getting multiple emails a week only for you to never look at them again after getting that discount, is mega annoying: I HEAR YOU.

Not only do you get the 10% off your first purchase for signing up, here's what to expect in the occasional emails:
-Invitation to our Private "Hermit's Path - Lounge"
- New product Releases
- Astrology Updates
- Education about your products, or helping you learn more about the products when you might have had more questions
- Spells, and Fun things to Try
- A sense of community and support.

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