Love Yourself | Spell Jar
Love Yourself | Spell Jar
Love Yourself | Spell Jar
Love Yourself | Spell Jar
Love Yourself | Spell Jar

Love Yourself | Spell Jar

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A Hermit's Path Original! 

Embrace the magic within with our exclusive creation, the 'Love Myself' Spell Jar! Crafted to amplify your self-love journey, this jar is a reflection of your commitment to self-nurturing and well-being. Please remember, the spell's power relies on your energy and intentions, making proper cleansing and use essential to harness its potential.

Harnessing Positive Energy: This unique 30ml glass jar, cleansed under the New Moon's radiant gaze, holds the key to spiritual, physical, and mental protection and manifestation. Whether by your bedside or tucked away in your bag, let it stand as a steadfast guardian against negativity.

Affirmation of Self-Love: Enriched with intention, the jar contains an affirmation that resonates with your heart's desire for self-love. "I am worthy. I am beautiful. This is my commitment and honour to myself." Let these words kindle the fire of self-adoration within.

Now available in PINK or TEAL.

Within This Magical Jar:

  • Rose Quartz: Charged under the new moon, this stone radiates love and tenderness, guiding you to love yourself unconditionally.
  • Rose: The essence of self-love and good fortune wafts in. Pink bottles come with hand-dried rose pedals. Teal come with rosebuds. Let the roses remind you of your worthiness.
  • Lavender: Sourced from Bilston Creek Farms in BC, this calming herb ushers tranquility and shields against anxiety.
  • Pink Himalayan Salts: A purification dance unfolds with each crystal, as it clears your energy and attracts love, romance, and friendship.
  • 'I Am Enough' Script: A simple cast to manifest self-love and abundance, it resides within the jar as a testament to your journey's affirmation.

Sealed with Love - PINK: The jar is sealed with a pink candle, symbolizing the essence of 'romance', and protected by a wax seal, signifying the care you're nurturing within.

Sealed with Peace - TEAL: The jar is sealed using the Eucalyptus and Mint Harmony Ritual Candle, for a more neutral and peaceful energy.

Remember, this spell is as powerful as the energy you infuse it with. Before use, cleanse it, set your intentions, and let it be a beacon of self-love. Your journey to empowerment begins here.


A little disclaimer: While purchasing this, they are considered "for entertainment purposes". I do not make claims that it will do anything for you. Any intentions created are not solved overnight, you do need to put the work in. For decorative uses, for your private practices. I do not accept returns or exchanges on these one of a kind pieces. Please keep at room temperature, or above melting temperatures as the wax can melt under high heat.

Each piece is different, but measured and equal in materials. Love and positive intention are put into each jar.