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Manifestation | Spell Jar
Manifestation | Spell Jar

Manifestation | Spell Jar

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A Hermit's Path Original!

Elevate your manifestations to new heights with our 'Manifestation Spell Jar', a versatile creation tailored to cater to your unique desires and dreams. Crafted with precision and purpose, this enchanting jar acts as a conduit for your intentions, empowering you to manifest your deepest desires into reality. Remember, the spell's potency aligns with your energy and intention, so take a moment for cleansing and focus to unlock its boundless potential.

Harnessing Manifestation Energies: Housed within this 30ml glass jar, cleansed under the full moon, resides a fusion of elements chosen for their manifestation prowess. Whether adorning your altar or gracing your meditation space, this spell jar serves as a beacon of hope and a vessel for your dreams.

An Affirmation of Creation: Imprinted with intention, this jar carries a potent affirmation that resonates with your unique desires for manifestation. "I am the creator of my reality. My dreams are valid and manifest effortlessly." Let these words echo your creative power and determination.

Within This Magical Jar:

  • White Rice: Symbolizing abundance, this grain attracts prosperity and positive energy, ensuring your manifestations are imbued with abundance and fulfillment.
  • Clear Quartz: The master healer and amplifier, clear quartz magnifies your intentions for happiness and positive energy, empowering your manifestations with unparalleled clarity.
  • Marjoram: This herb removes negativity, releases blocks, and enhances wealth. Its love-strengthening properties ensure that your manifestations are grounded in love and positivity.
  • Star Anise: Offering protection and good luck, star anise heightens psychic awareness, ensuring your manifestations are guided by intuition and cosmic wisdom.
  • Cinnamon: Speeding up energy and drawing success or money, cinnamon infuses your manifestations with the vibrant energy needed for swift and fruitful results.
  • Bay Leaf: A universal symbol for manifestation, healing, and inspiration, bay leaf strengthens your wishes, ensuring they are heard by the universe and transformed into reality.
  • Orange Essential Oil: Infused with the essence of sunshine, orange essential oil reduces anxiety, lifts depression, elevates mood, and reduces stress. It adds a vibrant energy to your manifestations, ensuring they are infused with positivity and optimism.

Sealed with our Natural Beeswax Candle: The jar is gently sealed with our natural beeswax pillar candle, a symbol of illumination and divine energy, ensuring your manifestations are surrounded by the warm glow of success and fulfillment.

This spell jar is your sacred vessel of creation, your canvas to paint your dreams upon. Before using, cleanse it under your intention, focus your energy, and let it become a conduit for your deepest desires. Embrace your power to manifest and step into the world with confidence, knowing you are supported by the cosmic forces of creation and abundance. Your journey of manifestation begins here.


A little disclaimer: While purchasing this, they are considered "for entertainment purposes". I do not make claims that it will do anything for you. Any intentions created are not solved overnight, you do need to put the work in. For decorative uses, for your private practices. I do not accept returns or exchanges on these one of a kind pieces. Please keep at room temperature, or above melting temperatures as the wax can melt under high heat.

Each piece is different, but measured and equal in materials. Love and positive intention are put into each jar.