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Peaceful Vibes - Gift Box
Peaceful Vibes - Gift Box

Peaceful Vibes - Gift Box

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Gift Box Contains:

1: Moon Mantra Oracle

The Moon Mantra oracle deck weaves together lunar wisdom, the four elements (earth, air, water, fire), and astrological themes. It was created to provide a simple way to connect with the rhythms of the lunar cycle.

- This deck comes with 52 affirmation cards and instructions in a beautiful tuck box.
- There are no rules for using these cards. Simply shuffle and pull a card anytime you require guidance.
- Cards and boxes are printed locally in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

2: Small Natural Pillar Candle

- Burn Time Approximately: 35 Hours 
- Measures: 2” x 3”
- Cotton Braided Wick
- Pure Canadian Beeswax

3: Selenite Crystal Bowl

-This unique stoneware, exquisitely handcrafted from Selenite is from Morocco. These bowls are perfect for gathering crystal treasures for an energy bath. 
-Selenite opens and activates the third-eye, crown and the many chakras above the head. It is effective at clearing congested energies or negativity and great for meditation and spiritual work, as it enhances telepathy.
- 3" Round
- Can use with herbals, to burn resins or to use for salt.


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